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It's time for our 2012 reunion...Here's the G-2....


2ND Aerial Port


1.   DATE AND LOCATION:    September 13, 14, 15, 2012 Smyrna, TN.


2:   MOTEL: SLEEP INN 2689 Highwood Blvd  Smyrna, TN PH # 615/220-2260


      Take Exit 66A if arriving from Nashville on Interstate 24 or 66 if arriving from

      Murfreesboro-Chattanooga on Interstate 24.  Exit 66 is Tenn. Highway #266

      (Sam Ridley Parkway).


3.    RESERVATIONS:   Make your reservations prior to September 3, 2012

       Room rates are:  KING and DOUBLE:  $69.00 plus tax, SUITES:  $79.00 plus

       tax.   To get these rates you MUST tell the person taking the reservation YOU



4.    REGISTRATION FEE: $60.00 Per Person. Please send check to Clara Vaught

       2399 Old Plank Rd. Newburgh, IN 47630 prior to September 3, 2012.

       Refunds will be made to those who are unable to attend due to illness, etc.

       This fee covers Friday Picnic and Saturday Banquet Meal and necessary



5.     PROGRAM:   FRIDAY -  Sept 13 5:00 PM Fish-Chicken  Picnic -catered 

                                by Uncle Bud's at Shelter #1 at the Lee Victory Park in Smyrna, TN.

                                NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES PLEASE


                                SATURDAY Sept 14 Banquet Dinner 6:00 PM at Smyrna 

                                Town Centre.  Photographer will be there 5:00 PM for photos

                                Dress will be casual.


6.        MEMORABILIA:  Bring old photos or memorabilia for display if you like.


7.        INFORMATION:  If further information is needed please contact Clara Vaught

                                                             at (812)853-5679 or Dexter Neyman at (615)459-6692.






YES _______ NO________ I / WE plan to attend reunion. 


Please make  #of Reservations. -  _______________


I enclose $_________________($60.00 Per Person)


Please send check prior to September 3, 2012 to: 

2nd Aerial Port Squadron
          Attn: Clara Vaught
8280 High Pointe Dr. Apt. 12-I
          Newburgh, IN 47630


NAME - ______________________________________


SPOUSE - ___________________________


ADDRESS - __________________________________________


Phone # - ________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS____________________



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